World Blood Donor Day Quotes Poems Saying Whatsapp Status Fb DP Images 2020

World Blood Donor Day: The World blood donor day are celebrating in every year on the 14 June, all around in the different countries in the world. The WBDD event is , established in the 2004 year, The main purpose of this event is that to raise the awareness of the need for the safe blood also for the blood products.

World Blood Donor Day

Basically the World Blood Donor Day (“WBDD”) is the official global public health campaigns ma by the World Health Organization (WHO), and also including the another seven world’s WHO day are World Health Day, World Tuberculosis Day, World Immunization Week, World Malaria Day, World No Tobacco Day, World Hepatitis Day, and World AIDS Day.

World Blood Donor Day Theme Quotes Slogans Sayings 2020

I owe my life to blood donors. I’m forever grateful to people who donate. My goal is to spread the word about the need for more blood donors.

To give blood you need neither extra strength nor extra food, and you will save a life.

“The Blood You Donate Gives Someone Another Chance At Life. One Day That Someone May Be A Close Relative, A Friend, A Loved One”

“He who writes in blood and aphorisms does not want to be read, he wants to be learned by heart.”

“To The Young And Healthy It’s No Loss. To Sick It’s Hope Of Life. Donate Blood To Give Back Life.”

Safe Blood For Saving
Give The Gift Of Life ..Donate Blood
Every blood donor is a hero.
More Blood more life..
New Blood For The World..

World Blood Donor Day Images Photos Wallpapers Pics

blood donor day images

blood donor day images

Blood Donor day whatsapp dp

Blood Donor day whatsapp dp

World Blood Donor Day 2016

World Blood Donor Day 2016

World Blood Donor Day whatsapp dp

World Blood Donor Day whatsapp dp

World Blood Donor Day wallpapers

World Blood Donor Day wallpapers

history of the World Blood Donor Day : We are celebrating this day because on this day the birthday anniversary of the Karl Landsteiner on 14 June in 1868. And this precious celebration to all the blood donor in the national and global level who’s donate blood for those whose need of it and save the life from one to another and also the birthday anniversary of the Karl Landsteiner (a great scientist who won the Nobel Prize for his great discovery of the ABO blood group system).

World Blood Donor Day 2020 Whatsapp FB Status

1.The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life. One day that someone may be a close relative, a friend, a loved one—or even you.

2.A life may depend on a gesture from you, a bottle of Blood.

3. Do you feel you don’t have much to offer? You have the most precious resource of all: the ability to save a life by donating blood! Help share this invaluable gift with someone in need.

4. Blood Donation will cost you nothing but it will save a life!

5. Tears of a mother cannot save her Child. But your Blood can.

6. To the young and healthy it’s no loss. To sick it’s hope of life. Donate Blood to give back life.

The Transfusion of blood and making blood products by blood helps to save the millions of lives people in every year whens that’s day are created also It help that patients who’re suffering from the life-threatening conditions .

The World health Day main goal for all the countries for the blood supplies from voluntary different unpaid donors by 2020 year. There are the totally 60 natal countries blood supplies and with 73 countries are still dependent on their family and donors.

why we can donate the blood :

when any pregnancy woman with lots of complication and needed to blood than we share some blood to help her.

when some man-made and natural disasters then needs of blood .

need for blood for the cancer patients for their treatment.

In the World, the Blood is the most special and precious gift for anyone which give to the another person. A decision for that everyone to takes , it’s a gift to help without any problems to one person to the another person.

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