Why You Should Scroll On Instagram To Celebrate 4/20

Marijuana usage is on the rise due to legalization in countries all around the globe. People are using this plant for not only recreational use but medical use as well.

Did you know 420 was initially the code that officers would use when they caught someone smoking pot?

Now that the term marks a special day for herb smokers everywhere.

In 2020, the production and sales of cannabis are expecting to make over 14.5 billion dollars in the United States.

Dispensaries have found their places on Instagram’s platform, and they are finding ways to keep their patients coming back. When they buy automatic Instagram followers, they are only getting platform users who want to learn about this healing plant.

During the holiday 4/20, which revolves around Bob Marly and marijuana, dispensaries are using their pages to show you how to celebrate, and they are giving away prizes.

Let’s see all the details about creating the dankest 4/20 party of the year.

Virtual Concerts and Partys

Those who identify themselves as stoners know there is nothing better than having a party that is all about cannabis.

Some live to smoke the herb, while others smoke to live. Regardless of their reason for using the plant, they still will have a good time.

Sellers who have a large number of followers on Instagram are using the platform to engage consumers.

If you are in the audience of the virtual show, you will see your favorite artists performing on a new stage in their home.

Live stream videos can last up to 60 minutes, so put on your dancing shoes and have a good time.

All they ask is that you participate legally.

Cannabis Instagram Giveaways

The best way to get people engaged in posts is to offer them something for free.

You may not want to participate in the virtual concert, but if you knew they were giving details about how to gain free products, would you watch the show?

Artists rarely give details about giveaways at the end of a live stream, but you never know what could happen.

Giveaways could include flowers, edibles, tinctures, tools, or attire; what these companies offer solely depends on them.

The prizes given away are all ones that you can use on the specific holiday and throughout the year.

To win, you have to stay active on Instagram to know the details because some companies are beginning their giveaways on days leading up to 4/20.

Product Discounts On Instagram

Even if you are not a winner of one of the giveaways, you can still save money on your next purchase.

Discounts vary depending on the dispensary of purchase. Those who have lab-tested products and excellent packaging see the most sales because they are masters at gaining their customers’ trust.

They have sales reaching the 10 million mark, which allows them to be able to offer more significant discounts because of profits.

Instagram is the platform that allows them to reach you so that you can tell your friends, and all of you can enjoy this special day together.

Influencers Showing Canna Swag

Influencers work with niches that they can relate to, and they do not hold back with their reviews.

You can expect to learn about every aspect of a cannabis product from them. If the influencer doesn’t like the product, it doesn’t matter because these testers are telling you what they think of it, but if the details they provide sound good to you, you should try it out.

Remember, they are receiving the product for free, whether it is something to wear, operate, smoke, apply, or eat.

Easy Ordering On Instagram

The fantastic part about following influencers is they give you every piece of information you need for you to make a purchase yourself.

If a company sends them a new bong to try, you can find the information about where to purchase under the post, and some also provide clickable links.

Not only can you find information about the products on an influencers page, but you can also find products on your favorite dispensaries story.

The process is easy, and influencers, and the companies they work for, are working hard to make your home party central.

Stop Scrolling And Prepare For You Celebration

Celebrating 4/20 is designated only for users over the age of 18.

Before the companies give away any of their prizes, they will ask for age or patient verification, so they do not get themselves in unwanted legal situations.

This social media platform has everything you need, so do not forget to use hashtags, so you do not have to cipher through millions of photographs relating to the topic.

When you have everything for the 4/20 party of a lifetime, don’t forget to share on Instagram, so that others can plan accordingly for their party next year.

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