U.S Economy Suffers Expected To Be Worst On Record in Second Quarter.

The economy is one of the most important parts of the country because only the economy decides the work oh development in the country. But the situation in the economic slowdown in the united states and Europe is recorded the worst. as everyone knows that only the economy can do such things which very important for the country whether its related to the study, national expenditure, social construction, and all those things which decided to develop such things. when it comes to the health organization like hospitals there are economy matters a lot.

The Economic Slowdown in the U.S. and Europe is The Worst on Record.

The pandemic created by the coronavirus affected the country’s economies a lot and one of the biggest reasons behind the lower economy which recorded by the few countries. as everyone knows that due to COVID-19 the government of the various countries has decided the proper lockdown. To the people because of the secure their lives from the coronavirus due to this all work was closed before a couple of the month. But one reason behind it that if the offices were opened at that time so the situation could out of the control due to the office and all work closed the economy is affected.

The offices matter a lot in the economy because it is the main source of income or increases the economy of the countries due to closing the work the all working employees were at their home there was nothing officially work which they could do. but in the sense of the GDP, the few country’s governments decided to reopen the works with all precautions because only it can help to increase the economy.

By the juxtaposition between the too bad quarter of the great lowing in the since 2008 the economy shrivel by the 8.4 % quarterly records go only as far back as the since of 1940. The first faint signal arrived of the whats afore when the department of labor reported a sharp-jump in the first time demand for unemployment benefits. when the whole impacts of order for Americans across the country.

But the economy of the U.S slowdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus its the biggest worst thing to outbreaks the economy of the country. and everyone knows that a lot of cases of coronavirus recorded in the U.S because the treatment of the COVID-19 needs the specific space the ventilator. and a lot of things that are necessary for treatment for someone vulnerable. The COVID-19 requires that isolation ward or the particular provided wards. so maybe this the reason behind the lower economic recorded in U.S and Europe.

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