TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer Slams Mark Zuckerberg Saying A “Copycat”

As there’s been a question mark in the future of popular app TikTok in the US, Kevin Mayer, TikTok CEO slams Facebook CEO on Wednesday morning accusing Mark Zuckerberg a ‘copycat’ as they launched a product called Reels which is quite similar to TikTok.

tiktok vs facebook

Reels is basically a newly launched app with a short video & music remix feature. It lets its users record, edit along with sharing short multi-clip videos. Mayor in his recent blog post said that “we welcome the competition” and fair competition makes everyone better.

He further said that competition should be open and fair on the basis of the services that they provide t their customers. He accused Mark Zuckerberg by saying that in spite of fair competition they are getting “maligning attacks by our competitor – namely Facebook” hiding behind the mask in the name of patriotism and “intended to put an end to our very existence in the US,”

He accused Mark Zuckerberg of running the campaign in the name of patriotism as Facebook CEO in his published opening remarks that he made to the House antitrust subcommittee stated “Facebook is a proudly American company” and it holds the values of America such as their democracy, competition, inclusion, etc.

In addition to this, Mayer further said that if Facebook wants to launch other products to bring on the competition then they are very welcomed to launch their competitive products. But, instead of that, they are launching a copycat product like Reels which is tied with Instagram. He also said that the launch of Reels came after Facebook’s other copycat Lasso failed to make its market in the country.

Kevin Mayer also admitted that the reason behind TikTok becoming a subject to the inquiry is because of its ties to China but in spite of that, it would result in only outgrowth TikTok to more transparency as well as accountability.

He further pointed out regarding the upcoming Transparency and Accountability Center of TikTok which is located in Los Angeles as setting the company another step in the future of the industry, which in turn is going to let the experts view the policies and code of TikTok in real-time.

As we all know that India was one of the biggest markets for TikTok which has been recently banned in India due to security concerns along with the other 48 apps. Now, Facebook is trying to make its market in India with the Reels has also been having been extended in its test phase in the country.

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