Oppo Factory Near Delhi Shut After 6 Employees test Positive For virus

Oppo Factory Near Delhi Shut After 6 Employees test Positive For virus :- The Oppo Factory near Delhi has been shut down as a COVID 19 patient was found in the factory. The factory has over 3,000 or more employees in the Greater Noida Factor, and each one of them are being tested. After the lock down Oppo recently, resumed its operations this months.

Oppo Factory Near Delhi Shut After 6 Employees test Positive For virus

Around six employees of the factory were found positive for the virus after which the company decided to shut its operations for a while. Oppo India in a statement said that, “As an organisation that places the safety of all our employees and citizens at the forefront, we have suspended all operations at our manufacturing facility in Greater Noida and initiated COVID 19 testing for 3000+ employees, for which results are awaited.

The company will resume its operations once the testing of the employees is over. Those employees whose test reports will be negative will back to work again.

The entire sector is under lock down now. Amidst this, the company resumed its operations few days back when they got approval from the home ministry. According to the governments’ lock down rules on May 2, the factory reopened with about a third of its workforce.

The manufacturing process in the factory started in the green zones and the orange zones. These are the areas which are least affected by the Corona virus. Following the rules of the government, Oppo started its work with some 3000 employees. The total number of employees are around 10,000, and the company agreed that the workers will work in rotation.

There have been around 96,000 cases of Corona virus in India in which over 3000 deaths have been counted yet. The Pandemic has already affected the economy around the world very badly and its over two months now that everything has been under a lock down.

Its going to take a lot of time revive the economy at this point of time. The least we can contribute in this is to stay at home as much as possible and keep ourselves and our surroundings sanitized.

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