MNS: Rs 5,000 reward for info on Pakistani and Bangladeshi illegal migrants

MNS: Rs 5,000 reward for info on Pakistani and Bangladeshi illegal migrants :- Taking its campaign further against illegal migrants, the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) has put up a poster in Aurangabad announcing a reward of Rs 5,000 for information about illegal Pakistani and Bangladeshi migrants. This poster came two weeks after the Raj Thackeray-led MNS party took out a rally to drive illegal migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh in Mumbai. The party had also claimed that they caught three illegal immigrants and handed them to the police.

MNS: Rs 5,000 reward for info on Pakistani and Bangladeshi illegal migrants

A poster put in Bandra, Mumbai by MNS student wing leader Akhil Chitre said that informants would be paid Rs 5,555 while another poster in Aurangabad said that the municipal elections offer Rs 5,000. The identity of the informer will be kept secret.

The MNS has in recent weeks offered to support the Modi government in evicting illegal migrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh and put up posters warning “Bangladeshis” to leave India or be driven out.

This is not the first time that the party has shown its strong reluctance against intrusion. Earlier, the party had put up posters in Raigad warning the illegal immigrants from Bangladesh and Pakistan of dire consequences if they won’t leave on their own. The poster, which had MNS supremo and his son Amit Thackeray’s picture, read, “Bangladeshis leave the country otherwise you will be driven out in MNS style.”

Similarly, a poster was also put up by MNS near Maharashtra Chief Minister and Shiv Sena leader Uddhav Thackeray’s residence, Matoshree, demanding him to start cleaning up his own locality first of intruders from Pakistan and Bangladesh. The poster said, “Respected Chief Minister if you are serious about action against illegal infiltrators, start by cleaning your Bandra locality first which is filled with infiltrators.”

Earlier this month, while addressing a rally at Azad Maidan in Mumbai, Raj Thackeray had strongly defended the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA) and the proposed National Register of Citizens (NRC), that has triggered massive protest across the country.

He had also warned of a ‘befitting reply’ to rallies being held against the CAA and the NRC, and said ‘a morcha will be answered with a morcha, a stone with a stone and a sword with a sword’.

Besides, the MNS had marched from Girgaum Chowpatty to Azad Maidan demanding eviction of illegal Pakistani and Bangladeshi infiltrators. While speaking on the NRC, Thackeray had asked, “Do these people (illegal immigrants from Pakistan and Bangladesh) consider my county a ‘Dharamshala’ (charity shelter)?”

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