Kaspersky Caught Facebook Cookie-Stealing Malware

Our data is quite valuable for big companies, hackers, and illegal activity related to people. You must understand the importance of simple Facebook cookies as they can be used for hacking our personal information and login details. We all know that the virtual world is evolving and the risk of being hacked is also evolving. Even though there are various cybersecurity and antivirus companies but we don’t know whom to trust.

A few days ago we have seen two new forms of malware and both of them are pretty good in compromising an Android device in order to take control of your social accounts. Well, some big researchers have already shared their concerns about this new malware. Even, Kaspersky reported “Cookiethief: a cookie-stealing Trojan for Android.” You can also buy kaspersky for android to avoid any kind of hacking attempt and save your data from hackers.

Kaspersky malware analyst Igor Golovin said, “By combining two attacks, the cookie thieves discovered a way to gain control over their victims’ accounts without arousing suspicions.”  Also, he added, “While this is a relatively new threat–so far, only about 1,000 individuals have been targeted–that number is growing and will most likely continue to do so, particularly since it’s so hard for websites to detect.”

As a user, you don’t need to be worried about your privacy as few simple steps can save you and your data from being stolen. Also, you must understand that a lot of sites or almost all websites you visit use cookies and they design their privacy policy according to it. So, if you want to read about the specific website you visit you must check out the privacy policy page of the site.

You can also take some simple steps in order to save your data. Well, all the steps to protect your data from any type of cookies stolen Malware are given below. If you still feel like you need an extra layer of protection then you must use any antivirus. Just keep that in mind that using a random antivirus won’t help you all alone. You must protect yourself from the best antivirus and that’s why we recommended Kaspersky because it hunts down the new Malware attacks.

How to protect yourself from this type of Malware

  • You can block third-party cooker access on your android device and only let your data be saved until you quit the browser.
  • The second option is to clear your cookies from time to time.
  • You can also buy or use a security product for Android that includes a Private Browsing feature as well as that prevents websites from collecting information or cookies.
  • Always download applications from trusted sources.
  • You can also use the incognito tab for the private browsing as that tab doesn’t save cookies.

A lot of us might don’t understand how Torjan works so for those we have simplified it in very simple words. Well, trojan captures root rights on an Android device and that allows it to steal cookies from the browser which can be from Facebook, and then this malware transfers those cookies to the server of the cybercriminals behind it. Now, you can understand how this all works and how the hackers are trying to steal data from you.

You must also understand that Kaspersky has confirmed that trojan is specific to Android and it is stealing cookies from Chrome, and Android’s default browser only. So far none of the cookies has been stolen from Facebook’s app and any other app. Also, the sources are saying that another trojan has been found on the surface which is bypassing the login security of Facebook by running a proxy server on the targeted Android device

In the end, there is nothing to be worried about because new threats of hacking and attacking your data online are common. Just take some simple precautions or antivirus to be ahead in the game. At last, avoid visiting some unknown or unsecured sources/websites online if you don’t trust them or if they don’t use SSL certificate aka HTTPS.

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