Jio phone , other kaiOS users in india get google lens support via google assistant

Google is trusted name itself and the google invented its new feature  known as google assistant and its makes human life too easy because of its features which have already in were included in that feature  and the features made it unique now google assistant users on the device of kaios in the India can translate the real-world text to proffered regional language from their smartphones.

All Jio Phone user get support Google lens via google assistant


*Jio phone and jio phone 2 both phones come with google assistant support .

*kaios users can see the new feature loaded camera icon in google assistant.

*The phone introduce their customer for two new languages like kannada ,gujarati etc very soon .

google has already announced or introduced the feature of google lens camera based translation and the abilities to kaios user in India that we know that kaios software runs on popular budgets phone like jio phones and jio phone 2 in the country .kaios phones that support goggle assistant now get the ability or  access to do camera based search through their phones among this feature as we said already that its to beneficial feature  to every one .and users can click the pictures of any real world text to figure out and will get the knowledge about that.

About jio phone 2 :-

Display :-screen size  :6.09 c.m  (2.4 inch)

screen type :-TFT screen

screen resolution :QVGA (320*240)

Battery :capacity 2000 mah ,li-ion talk-time about 6 hours

on the officially blog google announced that google assistant users on the device of kaios in india because they  figure out that feature which is too useful for translate the real world text by their  phones  they found new camera option in their google assistant after press or click that option camera will open automatically and they can ask anything they can read anything through the feature of google assistant.

These two phones jio and jio phone 2 both devices access or allow the feature of google assistant can work easily in background which makes that the feature can be find on these phones when someone will say that google please find this that google automatically show you the result which the google found for your question and at the same time google provide you easy way to do anything .

on the camera -based translation of google is currently available english and several indian languages like telugu ,bangali hindi ,english ,and as all know that cannada & tamil and marathi will launch soon .the voice is slowly gaining traction in the Indian market and few analystic have pointed and pop out now google assistant ,alexa, siri, and jio voice in the spotlight and the google has a lot ways to focus at places where voice search can be optimised.

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