First Covid-19 Positive Couple From Maharashtra Discharged After Testing Negative In Their Second Test

First Covid-19 Positive Couple From Maharashtra Discharged After Testing Negative In Their Second Test :- Amid the rising Covid-19 tensions in the nation, some positive news are also coming out. On Wednesday, a couple, who were among the positive coronavirus cases from Maharashtra, have tested negative in their second test after they were kept in mandatory isolation period.

First Covid-19 Positive Couple From Maharashtra Discharged

The couple, from Pune (Maharashtra) were confirmed positive to Covid-19 on March 9 and after a month long treatment are ready to get discharged on Wednesday, as their second result turns out to be negative.

Among 112 confirmed coronavirus cases from Maharashtra, the couple were the first one reported to be infected with the virus. As of now, Pune has reported total number of 31 positive cases of coronavirus.

Rubal Agarwal, who is the additional commissioner of Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC), has confirmed the status of the couple.

Agarwal said, “On March 9, the first two positive corona cases were admitted on Holi, after which three more cases were reported on the next day. All the five samples were sent to NIV (National Institute of Virology) after fourteen days and all are found negative. Therefore, we have discharged two patients today morning admitted on the first day,”

In the meantime, the administration is waiting for the second test results of an additional three people, who were earlier found infected with the virus, the infection which causes the disease, back on March 10.

After the isolation period of fourteen days, the first test of the three people has now came negative on Wednesday morning.

Agarwal further added, “We are now waiting for the reports of next three patients’ and are expecting to get them tomorrow. And if they are found negative, we are going to discharge them as well, according to discharge protocol,”

Meanwhile, there are five more patients who have been tested positive for COVID-19, in Sangli District of Maharashtra. Now, the number of Covid-19 positive patients in Sangli District has been now jumped to nine, however, they are all from the same family. Now, all the five confirmed cases have been admitted in the Civil Hospital at Miraj.

Previously, there are four members of the family who were found positive. Out of the five new confirmed patients, two are men, two women and a girl.

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