Don’t Go to University, or Why Did I Drop Out?

University is no longer a safe way to make a life. The good news is, there’s a better way nowadays, like getting PhD degree online. But I would like to tell you about my experience.

“How did you get away? Why?!” – That’s the phrase I hear every time I try to answer the question why I’m not at university now. “You must have had something bad that made you leave, right?” Of course, no one at the university just leaves, right? Or isn’t it?

Realizing that, apart from that reaction, my leaving will not cause anything else, I try not to answer that question or to leave the discussion, because everyone feels it is their duty to tell me that I did wrong. Over time, I realized that there is no point in being ashamed of my decision, especially if I think I did 100% right.

So I want to tell you why the university in its present state is not what I, you and your children need.

We want to be like the others.

Remember what happens in schools with children who wear glasses or try to learn well. At best they will not be accepted into the company of “cool”, at worst – the main goal of this company will be to make their lives unbearable. But, of course, how do they like to talk? “They’re children, they don’t understand.” Yeah, well, they don’t.

So, ever since we were kids, we want to be like the others. And what does “everyone else” do after school? They try to get into university. Preferably on budget. If they can do that, the goal is met at the most. If not, then the parents will have to spend thousands of dollars on your education or choose an institution easier – a technical college or fashion college, which is, in fact, the same technical school.

Begins the time that is said to be the best time in human life, meaning, of course, not study. It is rather that you will drink (a lot), communicate with the opposite sex and sometimes go to classes, trying to sit at least half. Rereading this paragraph, I realized that it didn’t sound so bad.

And for most of us, it’s enough. They forget how much time is wasted, how much money is spent on studies that don’t do any good. I, for example, didn’t go to the most expensive university, and during that time $7,000 was spent on study alone. I think this is the biggest investment of my parents in me. Was it justified? I’m sorry.

Going to university isn’t the only way…

How many courses could I attend with this money? Courses of real professionals who have devoted decades to their business, who adore what they do and are willing to share useful knowledge. How many books could I have bought? I’ll finish with the trite questions, you already know the answer.

Studying at the university no longer guarantees professional success in the future.

One of the reasons for that is motivation. When we do what we like, we are guided by inner motivation. So we like the process itself. Money, encouragement, or praise go to the background. After all, you should agree, it is much more pleasant to do business and enjoy not only the reward, but also the process itself.

Unfortunately, the university is going a very different way. Studying involves boredom, monotony and lack of interest, all for the sake of an ephemeral figure in a paper journal. And if these ephemeral numbers are good, in five years you can get an ephemeral red plastic paper. It’s worth living for.

It’s like when you drink Coke for a long time and forget that you can quench your thirst with water. Or when you drive for a long time and forget that you can walk from work to a cafe. It’s the same with the university.

We forget that the learning process itself and then work can be pleasant.

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