“BLACK ROCK” Malware Steal Your Banking Info,Warns CERT-In

If we want to run something like an App in Mobile then we need the operating system up to that level which can help the phone to run this type of app like as we know that one of the best things in the phone is the operating system of any gadget but if it comes on the steal the personal information that time it is the worst thing in the technology because everyone wants to keep their personal information hide securely but few-malware can leak their information regarding the bank details, phone records, personal media which can be very dangerous to that person. who got their information leaked its called hacked also. the black rock android malware that was reported before a couple of weeks is now under the scanner of CERT-In.

This dangerous android malware can steal your banking info,warns CERT-In

The first reported by the threat fabric who figured out that the black rock malware has the capability to steal the sensitive data of someone which can create the troubles in the life of that person. because the personal data is like a tressure. if it leaked or hacked that time it can be harmful to the person such as the bank information is too important for everyone because in the bank the people deposit his money as dreams in the future but when it got leaked through the unknown reason is to bed. the black rock malware can steal the credit card information as well. Blackrock is actually an updated version of Xerxes malware.

This malware which is known as the black rock malware it works like once someone installed on a phone then it monitors target the apps when someone who is the user enters the log in his information regarding the credit card details or any personal details then the malware forward the all information about that person to a server and side by side the malware uses the phones accessibility feature as well.

It targets the 337 apps which are capable of running in the android smartphones then it starts its work to hacking someone,s details among these apps many apps are the most popular ones which are used in a huge way. such as the categories of dating, shopping, lifestyle, and productivity few of these apps that the malware of black rock can target include Gmail, uber, twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat.

So make sure before giving permission to unknown apps because the app can hack your data or personal information like bank details or other data. or it’s totally up to the person then how to protect the personal information.

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