Atleast 600 Amazon employees affected by Covid-19

Atleast 600 Amazon employees affected by Covid-19 :- As the pandemic is still prevailing each and every sector has been affected very badly. Its recession time in almost every part of the world right now. Amidst this, around 600 Amazon employees have been found Corona Positive. Six of those who were infected by the virus are dead.

Atleast 600 Amazon employees affected by Covid-19

A 59 year old, Jana Jumpp who used to work in Amazon warehouse in Indiana told in her interview that, “I can tell you right now, and the number is higher than this, but we have at least 600 cases. Also, six employees at Amazon have died because of the COVID 19 disease.”

The company told that four of the deaths took place because of respiratory disease. According a report, Jumpp is tracking the number of Amazon employees who have been tested positive because of the virus. She is involved in gathering all the data related to the positive patients by connecting with co workers across the country. She is also getting help using automated text messages and robocalls, which intimates the patient if they are positive or not.

Amazon Inc. is the second largest private employer in US. Recently, the company hired around 175,000 people during the corona virus pandemic. Nine of the US Senators including former presidential Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, and Kamala Harris wrote to the CEO of the company. They mentioned the termination of those employees who are facing health issues in order to ensure the safety of the other employees.

The termination of the employees mainly focused on four former Amazon workers after they publicly raised concerns about warehouse conditions during the pandemic in March and April. Among the four workers are Chris Smalls and Bashir Mohamed. Also two tech employees were also involved, they were Maren Costa and Emily Cunningham.

The pandemic has created a panic situation all around the world. Lets hope that the virus gets contained soon and the economy can revive. Until the, stay home and stay safe.

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