9 Die after consuming the “hand sanitizer” in Andhra Pradesh

The shocking news comes from the Andhra Pradesh at Prakasam district that the 9 people are died after consuming the alcohol-based hand sanitizer. as everyone knows that the pandemic which created by the coronavirus this really very dangerous disease so regarding the health consultant before eating or having something you should wash your hand or in case that you are outside then you should use the hand sanitizer due to secure your health from coronavirus. but a few people have done such a ridiculous thing in Andhra Pradesh with sanitizers was really terrifying for anyone.

9 die in andhra pradesh consuming sanitizer

Around the 9 people dead when they have consumed the sanitizer included alcohol-based in Andhra Pradesh’s Prakasam district in the two days, this said by the police. this tragedy took the place in Kurichedu town when the one person died later on the night of Wednesday. 2 another passed on a Thursday night or other six on the morning of Friday.those people who were decreased have been discriminated anugonda (25), bhogen tirupataiah (35), guntaka rami reddy (60), kadiam ramanaiah (28), raja reddy (65), Ramanaiah (65), babu (40), Charles ( 45), and Augustine (45).

These people had consumed sanitizers because of the shortage of strong drink due to the lockdown in force at Kurichedu to restrain the spread of Covid-19. it has begun by one beggar at the local goddess Durga temple complaining of equable ignite sensation in his stomach he departed while being taken to the hospital on the night of Wednesday.

The sanitizers use to prevent the people’s health from the coronavirus it uses for cleaning the hand without the water. now just think about that. if it removes all germs from your hand which gives you coronavirus cause so much it dangerous for having. this only for cleaning the hands so don’t use it in further works. that’s why doctor also says that only use sanitizers when you need it without any reason don’t use it because as everyone knows that access to everything is bad. to use such things in limit then it would be always better for health.

Now they lose their life due to their foolishness sometimes people also know that what would be better for life and what would not be better for life. the company making the sanitizers to protect the people from the coronavirus because the only sanitizer can remove all the germs without water a lot of people do work and due to work, they would have to outside then its essential item for them because by mistake they touch few things so. sanitizers must be for them. but having it is to foolishness.

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