11 Man Crushed To Death After Massive Crane Collapses At Hindustan Shipyard In Visakhapatnam

The accident cases are really very painful to their family and also in hear it is one of the most dangerous things for humans because of the accident cam damage all those parts of the body which can give someone the cause of paralysis. The same accident happens in the Visakhapatnam by the crane 11 people were killed in the accident. when the workers carrying out the supervision of the crane used to carry appliances for the shipbuilding. but it is a really horrible accident which was done there.

The biggest crane extempore crumbled and the crash to the floor with the horrible sound these incidents happen suddenly without predicting and the workers lose their lives but a lot of workers were there on the ship around 20. Few managed to run safety from the ship few got injuries and around 10 people were crushed under the weight of the crane. this type of accident happens anywhere due to the circumstances which happen on the ship. The accident cases are extremely bad for that person who gets that because sometimes it gives that type of injury that never heal in the whole life.

11 Man Crushed To Death After Massive Crane Collapses At Hindustan Shipyard In Visakhapatnam

The chief minister Mr. YS Jagmohan reddy has operated Visakhapatnam district the collector and police commissioner to take the instantaneous action in the accident, the Visakhapatnam police commissioner RK.meena reached to the spot to figure out into the cause of the accident. Muthamsetty Srinivas Rao, the state minister for the tourism who hails from the Visakhapatnam calibrate about the accident and asked the that area’s authorities to arrive up the rescue operation.

That crane was bought a decade ago and the accident was very terrifying to all those people who lose their lives in the accident as we know that 11 people are dead so now we can think that how much the accident was horrific.  and all people know that the crane is the too heavy vehicle itself not only for the weight of the work as well because all heavy work done by the crane few called it heavy-duty vehicles.

When it comes to construction there also requires the crane for working but if someone misshapen with cran that time unfortunately it can create a dangerous accident. so be careful if someone works with a crane. mostly it works on making roads or buildings. so be alert when the working is going by the crane then it’s safe. otherwise, access to everything is bad but the sometimes be alert also when someone driving the old vehicle. like the incident happened there but now the case investigates by them that what’s the reason behind it.

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